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If date of birth is unknown, please enter your best estimate.
We understand not all ferrets fit into a standard color or pattern, but please select the closest Color/Pattern. This is for the purpose of identifying your ferrets at check-in.
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This will be a NON-VETTED show. You are responsible for the health of your ferret, so out of consideration for all other attendees and their ferrets, PLEASE DO NOT BRING A SICK FERRET TO THE SHOW.

All ferrets must be fully immunized (canine distemper, rabies) and tested negative for Ferret Aleutian’s Disease Virus. Proof of valid ADV testing within one year (12 months) from the show date for each ferret will be required to check-in.

Please have rabies and distemper vaccination records for each ferret in attendance in case you are asked to show them. Failure to provide proof of vaccination if asked will result in you and your ferrets leaving the show hall. Distemper titer proof is valid in lieu of vaccination.

All ferrets entering the show hall must provide proof of negative ADV (Aleutian’s Disease Virus) testing within one year of the show date. Testing must be by the Blue Cross CEP Test and results must be:

  1. On tester’s original results letterhead
  2. Testing date must be on the letter and within the stated period
  3. Ferret names must be on the testing results letter (names must match show entry).
  4. Avecon POCT instant tests are NOT ACCEPTABLE. A letter from your vet is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Faxes or copies are NOT ACCEPTABLE.

You will be required to sign a statement at check-in to the effect that:
No ferret that you are bringing into the show hall has ever had a definitive positive test result on the Blue Cross CEP (POCT and ELISA blood and saliva tests are not acceptable). If in the past 4 months a ferret from your household (shelter/facility/ferretry) has had a definitive positive test result on the Blue Cross CEP (POCT and ELISA blood tests are not acceptable), you understand that all ferrets in the same household (shelter/facility/ferretry) are considered as being exposed. You also understand that you cannot show or bring any ferrets from said household into the show hall regardless of their testing status.You understand that just because all ferrets in the show hall have been tested for ADV within twelve months of the show, that this is not a guarantee of safety. You understand that the test is only as good as the day it was taken and you still need to practice SAFE FERRET habits at all times. The ADV waiver is available to download at

RABIES: All ferrets must have been vaccinated against rabies with the IMRAB-3 rabies vaccine within one year of the show date. You must have written proof of this vaccine - specifically a record from your veterinarian clearly stating the date of vaccine and specifying the brand/type of vaccine was IMRAB-3 (listing “ferret rabies” is not acceptable.) If your ferret has had a reaction to the rabies vaccination and your vet feels it is unsafe to vaccinate for rabies, please bring a note from your vet stating this information.
CDV: Proof of Canine Distemper vaccination within one year of the show date is required. Distemper Titer Proof is also accepted.